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About us

The EmbraceLife Foundation Ltd. was founded by a group of like-minded friends who come from different sectors, age groups, living environments and occupations, sharing the same vision and mission to achieve the same goal, to help young people find hope that they may understand the value of life, and enhance the resilience of young people when facing adversities.

Our Mission

We recognize the importance of meeting the basic needs of young people since life itself is inseparable from the need to be clothed, to have food, to be sheltered, and to have means of transportation. We aim to assist young people in meeting their basic needs by providing to them help and supplies when they need them the most. We will also offer various vocational trainings to the young ones so that they will have the necessary tools and skills to fend for themselves, which in turn serve as important building blocks for their future development. We endeavor to help young people to build resilience and develop a dignified character while coaching them in an array of practical skills so that they will be equipped to deal with life and interact with those around them. We strive to be there each step of the way to walk with young people in their lifelong journey.


Our long-term goal is to encourage young people to learn and practice the five core values of Chinese culture: benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and fidelity, collectively known as the Five Virtues of Life.

Benevolence - to benefit oneself and others; those who are benevolent do not harm


Righteousness - to support others; those who are righteous will help others


Propriety - to tolerate others; those who are proper will be respectful to others


Wisdom - to understand oneself; those who are wise make keen observation

Fidelity - to be honest; those who are honest do not cheat

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