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At EmbraceLife, we strongly believe in the potential of young people to succeed. We design our programs and activities to help young people to reach their goals and inspire their potential. We take pride in the younger generation and would love to witness their development into bright, confident and contributing members of the society. We endeavor to educate the young ones on how to cherish life.


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Our Mission Statement

We recognize the importance of meeting the basic needs of young people since life itself is inseparable from the need to be clothed, to have food, to be sheltered, and to have means of transportation. We aim to assist young people in meeting their basic needs by providing to them help and supplies when they need them the most. We will also offer various vacationing trainings to the young ones so that they will have the necessary tools and skills to fend for themselves, which in turn serve as important building blocks for their future development. We endeavor to help young people to build resilience and develop a dignified character while coaching them in an array of practical skills so that they will be equipped to deal with life and interact with those around them. We strive to be there each step of the way to walk with young people in their lifelong journey.

Our long-term goal is to encourage young people to learn and practice the five core values of Chinese culture: benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and fidelity, collectively known as the Five Virtues of Life.

               Benevolence - to benefit oneself and others; those who are benevolent do not harm

Righteousness - to support others; those who are righteous will help others

     Propriety - to tolerate others; those who are proper will be respectful to others

  Wisdom - to understand oneself; those who are wise make keen observation

Fidelity -to be honest; those who are honest do not cheat


我們深信每個人的基本生活元素離不開衣、食、住、行, 所以我們希望藉著這些單純的基本元素來幫助 e 世代的年青人。我們透過協助解決基層年青人生活上的燃眉之急,提供不同的生活上之需要, 與他們攜手同行。還有我們期望可提供不同的職業訓練, 來幫助他們擴闊視野, 完成生涯規劃, 共同探索創新生路。而在長遠理想方面, 我們希望讓年青人更多明白中國體系中最有價值的核心元素。



仁 - 為人為己,愛人者不害人。

義 - 扶持別人,捨身者幫助人。

禮 - 忍讓別人,敬老者尊重人。

智 - 明白自己,觀微者聰明人。

信 - 誠實處事,承擔者不騙人。


Youth Welfare Organization Services 青年福利組職服務

SCAE Barista Skills Foundation 專業咖啡師課程

From Skill to life 技能源出生命

We have been conducting our Barrista Training Program (BTP) since 2016. Young individuals who were once at-risk and had dropped out of mainstream education are given a second chance in life by attending our BTP training, which , in collaboration with social enterprise, offers professional coffee barista training and holistic education to these marginalized individuals. It is hoped that with their new-found skills, these young people will look beyond their pasts to embrace a brilliant future.


Volunteer Opportunities

Into the society 進入社區

We care about our younger generation at Embrace Life. We offer a wide selection of enrichment programs to young people to help them find and form their identities. One of our enrichment programs entails young people getting involved in the community through voluntary services. By serving others, it is hoped that our program participants will affirm their self-worth and develop new social skills through meeting with different people in all walks of life.

e 青基金支援廣泛的社會服務,關心我們的青年, 並為他們提供了一些有意義的計劃, 以幫助他們成長。 我們的志願者機會為青年提供了參與社區,迎接各方面的新挑戰, 激勵他們人生各階段要走的路。 今天你也來參與吧!

Fund Raising Activities

We need your support to make a different.

Our ultimate goal to empower the lives of young people in Hong Kong. As a charity, we count on private donations to finance and support our many programs. We hope that through our fund raising activities, we will be able to collect sufficient resources to enable our mission - to provide young people with the tools and skills to become leaders of tomorrow. We are proud and delighted to be a driving force behind the well-being of young people, and hope to continue to make a difference in their lives.

e青基金力求通過各種計劃來增強改善香港社區青年人的生活。 我們的籌款活動旨在為青少年提供他們明天成為偉大領袖所需的一切工具。 我們很高興成為我們孩子發展的動力,希望你們也全力支持我們。


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