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We need your support to make a different 我們需要你的支持才能改變

Fund Raising Activities 籌款活動

Our ultimate goal to empower the lives of young people in Hong Kong. As a charity, we count on private donations to finance and support our many programs. We hope that through our fund raising activities, we will be able to collect sufficient resources to enable our mission - to provide young people with the tools and skills to become leaders of tomorrow. We are proud and delighted to be a driving force behind the well-being of young people, and hope to continue to make a difference in their lives.

e青基金力求通過各種計劃來增強改善香港社區青年人的生活。 我們的籌款活動旨在為青少年提供他們明天成為偉大領袖所需的一切工具。 我們很高興成為我們孩子發展的動力,希望你們也全力支持我們。